Corporate insurance

The best method of intangible employee motivation in 2024

Specialist’s consultation

Insurance Advocate is a certified professional insurance broker ranked among the top five brokers of the voluntary health insurance market in Ukraine.



Our services

  • Organizing tenders
    • Comparative characteristics of voluntary health insurance service providers
    • Analytics and comparative characteristics of programs
    • Analytics and comparative characteristics of contracts
    • Analytics of assistance and medical institutions
    • Conclusion of an agreement with an insurance company and presentation of the program
    • Resolving controversial issues and protecting the interests of the insured
  • Creating insurance programs

    Every client will receive an expanded individual insurance program with an affordable rate plan.

    Each industry has its own characteristics, and we take them into account.

  • Providing support

    We provide support in three different areas:

    1. Administration of agreements – helps the HR department. A single point of entry for all issues arising in the course of the insurance contract.
    2. Medical support to insured employees.
    3. Insurance support to insured employees – solution to all possible issues related to insurance in general.

Advantages for your company

  • Progressive approach to the company’s development
  • Increasing employee loyalty
  • Implementing social responsibility policy
  • Increasing workplace productivity
  • Employer’s competitive advantage in the market. People want to work in companies like that
  • Creating a positive image of your company

Advantages for your employees

  • Round-the-clock access to medical assistance
  • You will receive full range of quality medical services with maximum comfort
  • Service available in the entire territory of Ukraine
  • Low-interest financing of voluntary health insurance premiums
  • Broker’s support
  • You can insure your close relatives at corporate rates

An insurance broker will help you:

  • 01

    Select or create an optimal program for your team

  • 02

    Select a sound insurance company among 109 options

  • 03

    Receive the best rates, because the broker has a large portfolio of clients

  • 04

    Sort out all nuances of agreement terms, lists of exceptions and foreign exchange clauses, and bypass undesirable conditions

  • 05

    Loyalty program: helping insureds in unconventional situations

  • 06

    Medical and insurance support and consultations on how to use health insurance in an effective way

Specialist’s consultation

Your insurance program comprises

  • Amount of insurance

  • Outpatient and polyclinic assistance

  • Home doctor visits. Calling for emergency medical assistance

  • Inpatient services

  • Medications

  • Dentistry, vaccination and vitaminization

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