Health insurance

Voluntary health insurance is one of the types of personal insurance that covers medical expenses incurred to regain the insured’s health

Health insurance

Do you know how to save at least 500 hours of your company’s worktime?

That’s how much time you spend on finding and training a new employee.

Take care of YOUR team!

Provide them with health insurance cards!

Your insurance program comprises

  • Amount of insurance

  • Outpatient and polyclinic assistance

  • Home doctor visits. Calling for emergency medical assistance

  • Inpatient services

  • Medications

  • Dentistry, vaccination and vitaminization

Advantages for your company

  • Progressive approach to the company’s development
  • Implementing social responsibility policy
  • Employer’s competitive advantage in the market. People want to work in companies like that
  • Increasing employee loyalty
  • Increasing workplace productivity
  • Minimizing employee worktime losses
  • Reporting voluntary health insurance premiums as company expenses
  • Creating a positive image of your company
  • Indication of your company’s strength, growth and prosperity

Advantages for your employees

  • 01

    Round-the-clock access to medical assistance

  • 02

    You will receive full range of quality medical services with maximum comfort

  • 03

    Service available in the entire territory of Ukraine

  • 04

    Broker’s support

  • 05

    Low-interest financing of voluntary health insurance premiums

  • 06

    You can insure your close relatives at corporate rates

Консультація спеціаліста

An insurance broker will help you:

  • Program

    Select or create an optimal program for your team

  • Insurance Company

    Select a sound insurance company among 107 options

  • Rates

    Receive the best rates, because the broker has a large portfolio of clients

  • Agreement terms

    Sort out all nuances of agreement terms, lists of exceptions and foreign exchange clauses, and bypass undesirable conditions

  • Loyalty program

    Loyalty program: helping insureds in unconventional situations

  • Support

    Medical and insurance support and consultations on how to use health insurance in an effective way

Why Insurance Advocate?

  • Stability: have been working in the Ukrainian financial market since 2008
  • 38 000 insureds supported
  • Personal manager
  • Flexible insurance programs
  • Advantageous rates
  • Reliable insurance companies

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