Auto insurance

Motor vehicle insurance

Auto insurance

Minimize your financial losses if your vehicle is damaged or stolen, in the event of a traffic collision, natural disaster or accident, and in other situations involving property damage risks.

With auto insurance, you don’t have to worry about unforeseen financial expenses.

Ukraine has various auto insurance systems

  • 01

    Compulsory third party liability insurance

  • 02

    KASKO (comprehensive cover)

  • 03

    Voluntary liability insurance

  • 04

    International motor insurance card

  • 05

    Transport accident insurance (for drivers and passengers)

  • 06

    Cargo (including hazardous cargo) insurance

  • 07

    Carrier liability insurance, including hazardous cargoes

Консультація спеціаліста

Why do you need an auto insurance policy?

  • To receive risk coverage payments in the event of theft, fire, traffic collision and other situations

  • To cover auto repair costs

  • To avoid disputes between car owners on the road accident scene

  • To save the owner’s or company’s time and money

  • To feel more confident and comfortable on the road

How can Insurance Advocate help you?

  • Quality, fast and timely paperwork handling to help you receive an insurance claim payment
  • Always on your side in disputable situations
  • Out-of-court settlements in 100% of cases
  • Search of company and auto insurance takes less time

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