Property insurance

An effective type of insurance that protects your property

Property insurance

You can insure your property

You can insure it against fire, breakdowns of utility systems (sewage, heating, water supply networks), and also, against explosions, consequences of natural disasters, erroneous activation of the fire extinguishing system, and illegal actions of third parties.

With property insurance, you don’t have to worry about unforeseen financial expenses.

In the event of any force majeure circumstances inflicting damage upon your property or property of your neighbors (for example, a water pipe in your office breaks down and causes damage to renovation work or office equipment), your insurance policy will cover all repair costs.

This type of insurance can be supplemented with third party liability insurance covering, for instance, your liability before your neighbors.


What can you insure?

  • A house or an apartment

  • An office or a warehouse

  • The interior of your premise

  • Utility systems

  • Furniture, office equipment, household appliances and electronics, plumbing fixtures, equipment, warehouse stock and other

Your five advantages of engaging an insurance broker

  • 01

    A service package will be selected to meet your personal needs

  • 02

    Insurance Advocate will select several leading insurance companies. Our consultant will handle the required paperwork and offer the best options of property insurance services

  • 03

    You save your time: an insurance broker will analyze the market of offers and prepare a list of the best ones

  • 04

    Expert assistance concerning insured property: we will consult you on all legal documents and answer your questions at any convenient time for you

  • 05

    Insurance Advocate is ALWAYS on your side. With us, you can always be sure that in any unforeseen situation you have a loyal, reliable helper

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